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Not surprisingly, Alice was shocked to see her husband Jack in 1991.

Alice B. Stillwell was a cop who was married to Jack Deth during the 23rd Century, until she was murdered on a mission. In Trancers II, Alice was brought back from the dead in order to help her husband Jack stop Whistler's brother, Dr. E.D. Wardo. She woke up in the body of a mental patient, only to find herself in a whole world of trouble, until Jack rescued her.

Naturally, Lena and Alice ended up bickering a lot, as they couldn't agree on who Jack loved the most. But once the circumstances of Alice's return became apparent, they managed to get along just long enough to fulfil the mission.

After killing Wardo, Jack sent Alice forward in time so she could live on in Angel City. Megan Ward reprised the role in Trancers III, now tougher and sexier than ever. She eventually fell in love with Harris, leaving Jack without a wife.